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Rising Damp

Rising damp is when moisture in the earth soaks through the foundations and walls of a house, rising up through the layers of bricks and causing damage.

Houses are built with a damp proof course (DPC),just above the floor level to prevent moisture rising up, but if this has failed or the property did not have a damp course, then rising damp will occur.

Also it may be due to poor building work, lack of building maintenance or deterioration of building fabric in old buildings.

Rising damp will generally appear along the base of a wall and their are a number of signs to look out for including

It is vitally important to understand the underlying problem when treating rising damp as initial symptoms can be misleading and result in ineffective rising damp treatment.

This is why it is essential to get help and advice from a specialist surveyor before undertaking any treatments.


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Rising Damp Treatment

As physically replacing a DPC is a difficult process that would involve a  huge amount of structural work,the only way to treat rising damp is to install a chemical damp course (DPC).

Depending on the thickness of the wall (single or double walls) holes are drilled in the mortar course of external or internal walls to a  pre-determined  depth and at the correct level and spacing between holes.

The holes are then injected with a high strength silicone based cream. Once injected the cream diffuses along the mortar course before curing to form a water repellent resin.

All the plaster that has been damaged or that have been contaminated with salt will be removed and replaced with dampproof plaster. This specification uses a modern formulation of breathable damp and salt resistant plaster mixed with salt inhibiting additive.

Once the replastering has been completed and the walls have been given the correct amount of time to dryout (10-14 days)it is then possible to reinstate the skirtings and redecorate the wall.

10 Year Guarantee on all Rising Damp Projects

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is the result of water finding it’s way through a structure, which usually happens due to some kind of external defects or fault with the property e.g


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Penetrating Damp Treatment

One of the most important steps in penetrating damp treatment is to identify and rectify the source of damp ingress.

This is why it’s crucial to have a damp specialist who is qualified to carry out a damp survey and identify any penetrating damp issues your property may have.

Building Inspections

If you are buying a house and have any worries about existing dampness in walls please phone or email to arrange an appointment. A full report will be issued and a certificate issued..