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Cementious Waterproofing

Cement Based

Cement based waterproofing slurries are easy to use, non toxic, provide a monolithic, fully bound joint free surface and can easily be applied to substrates with complex surface shapes. ln contrast to other systems, cementious waterproofing slurries can be applied even to damp or wet mineral surfaces.

The advantages of cement based waterproofing membranes are their excellent resistance to water, even if exposed, their outstanding resistance to long term weathering, good scratch resistance, good load bearing capacity and much higher water vapour permeability compared to most other systems. Consequently no danger of blistering when water vapour permeates through the waterproofing membrane.

Torch On Waterproofing

Torch On

TORCH-ON membrane is typically used on flat roofs and decks, balconies,planter boxes and box gutters and it is also suitable for full water immersion as well as subsoil applications.

Torch on membranes have an extremely long life span, with majority of membranes offering global standards in quality.

Torch on membrane system will protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays.

Permanent Damp Solutions is excited to offer customers the latest in technology.

Basement Tanking

Basements are susceptible to the ingress of moisture and contaminants from the ground. For this reason a waterproofing system will usually be required.

By doing basement tanking you are basically making the basement watertight. For achieving this a membrane is applied to the inside or outside of the structure to prevent water from entering the inner space of the property and hold back the hydrostatic pressure that comes from the soil surrounding the the underground spaces.

Leaking Showers

Showers often leak due to lack of waterproofing, failure of old waterproof or leaking pipes.

If there is blistering painting around the shower area,or there is damp coming through the floor slab directly below the shower area then an inspection of the shower recess is the first step.

We recommend that a complete shower repair be done in order to guarantee against leaking and costly repairs later on.This process will involve taking out the old existing shower floor right to the slab. We will waterproof the slab using a latex based slurry, replace the old shower trap, check for leaking pipes and recast a new waterproof floor backed by our industry leading 10-year guarantee.

Leaking Decks/Balconies

While concrete may seem like an extremely strong building material,it is naturally porous and prone to water absorption.Beggining on the surface, concrete is filled with tiny pores and hair line cracks that extend throughout the material.While concrete may seem strong enough without any treatment,it is not as strong and protected as it can be.The tiny pores of a concrete slab and foundation can absorb water if not treated with a waterproofing concrete sealer.

Depending on the size of your deck different types of waterproofing are recommended.

Crack Repairs

The crackfix stitching system offers a cost effective solution for crack repair in Mansory walls.

The system allows cracks in Mansory to be stabilized by bonding crackfix helical stitching net into slots cut into the walls mortar course using specially formulated grouts.

It should be noted that  this method of crack repair can only stabilize the symptoms of cracked Mansory walls .It will not cure the cause of the crack.(e.g subsidence)

Black Mould

Condensation is responsible for lots of cases of damp in modern homes.The result of water vapor condensing when it settles on a cold wall, floor or ceiling the water can soak into the surface leading to damp and mould.

Luckily this type of damp can typically be treated by installing air vents in rooms without and installing extractor fans in bathrooms.

It must be noted that black mould if inhaled is hazardous and detrimental to your health.

French Drains

A French  drain is a trench filled with sand and stone containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from foundations of a building.

A French drain also provides a solution for basements that admit water through the foundation.In these wet basements water presses against the foundation and gradually leaks through.With a French drain water near the foundation can be rerouted and deposited elsewhere.

Facebrick Treatment

Wind driven rain cause water to penetrate the building causing damp, especially

In facebrick walls damage is caused by the absence of mortar in between bricks.

Our permanent solution to this problem is to fill in all the missing  mortar between bricks and spray all the brick surfaces with liquid silicone .

Surfaces treated with liquid silicone stay dry.Water absorption is reduced by more than 95%.When it  rains the rain water forms beads and simply rolls off leaving the surface dry,  protecting  the building against the associated problems caused by rain penetration and damp.